/5 Best Weight Scales 2019
The 5 Best Weight Scales 2019

5 Best Weight Scales 2019

After several hours of research, we have established our selection of the 5 best weight scales 2019 among twenty popular products currently on the market in USA. Our preference is for the Etekcity model, which is easy and easy to use thanks to its automatic on / off system and backlit display. Basic, it is suitable for people just trying to know their weight.  None of our articles are sponsored. We sometimes receive a commission when you buy a product through our links, which allows us to finance our work while remaining completely impartial.

How did we choose?

Whether you’re on a diet or simply curious, most of us are excited about the possibility of tracking our weight with a scale. As they are more and more numerous and varied on the market, the choice when buying can often be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered the information you need to know in order to choose the model that’s right for you. To begin, it is necessary to differentiate two types of scales:

  • Mechanical or analog : it may be very retro, it is not outdated yet. It is his dial with needle that indicates the weight. In general, its use does not require batteries, and it is not likely to fail. Although less accurate than an electronic scale, many also consider it more reliable.
  • Electronics : it is its digital display that characterizes it. Often, she measures the weight to 100 g, which is quite accurate. It is often compact and easy to store. It requires batteries, and its electronic system is more likely to fail. This is still the most popular type of scale currently.Knowing this, electronic scales are often equipped with very interesting features:
  • Auto On / Off : Most models turn on automatically when you turn on, and turn off after a few seconds of non-use. Convenient for the distracted, it is also a way of saving the battery.
  • Backlighting : While the size of the display is an important criterion, it is sometimes aided by a backlight system, which offers better contrast and the ability to weigh in the dark.
  • The impedance meter : it is more and more popular, and can calculate body mass. This usually involves the levels of fat, water, of. It is convenient to follow the evolution of your weight, especially during a regime or in case of intense sport activity.
  • The connection : the connected scale has won over many consumers in recent years. Thanks to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it sends the data calculated by the impedance meter to a mobile application. You can track your progress with ease. If you are interested in this type of model, we invite you to consult our dedicated comparison .

In this selection, we favored the more classic scales, while favoring digital models. We still included an analog scale, which seduced us by its efficiency and allows to satisfy all desires. To select the best models available on the market, we first went through many specialized sites, French and English, and then we used the informed opinions of users to reduce our choice. This is how we can present our selection of the 5 best scales currently available.

List of Best Weight Scales 2019

The best cheap bathroom scales

In this category you will find two electronic models. If the first is suitable for basic use, the second already offers beautiful features.

Etekcity EB9380H : the best cheap

If you’re looking for a classic scale, look no further. Etekcity offers a simple, efficient and easy to use model for a very democratic price. This electronic scale has a backlit LCD display, which makes it easy to read the indications, even when the lighting is not optimal. It is equipped with two modes, in pounds or pounds, that you can change with a small button located below the scale, and is suitable for weighing up to 180 kg.

To do this, four sensors are distributed on the surface to display the most reliable weight possible, to 100 g. The latter remains displayed for a few seconds after taking, to have the time to read it correctly. The scale automatically turns on when you mount it, and displays zero by default. The shutdown is automatic after a few seconds of non-use. Nevertheless, some users deplore the speed with which the product consumes batteries (which are also provided for purchase, a gesture that we appreciate). Non-slip padding at the ends of the scale is not only safe, but also provides better stability and therefore more reliable weighing.

The platform is wide (30 x 30 cm) for easy use, even for larger formats! Ultra-thin and resistant tempered glass, its aesthetic is rather pleasant, while remaining very sober. For an even more modern design and the same type of features, the 9388H version will certainly please you.In the end, we like this model for its basic efficiency, enhanced with practical features such as automatic on / off and backlit display. It’s an ideal choice for those of you who just want to know their weight, without any extra fuss.

Terraillon BEG6731BR : the cheap alternative

To create this model, the brand has teamed up with Weight Watchers, famous for its slimming programs. It is therefore particularly suitable for people following a particular diet or wishing to lose weight. The scale is equipped with an impedance meter, which monitors the state and evolution of physical fitness by calculating body mass.

To do this, you will need to enter some data in the balance, such as your age, size and sex, all thanks to small practical touch keys. The four electrodes distributed on the surface of the machine will then send a weak electric current in your body, and determine the rates of your body mass.

Tetrapolar Technology will then analyze your BMI and measure fat, water, muscle and bone masses. For athletes, the athlete mode takes into account the physiological variations due to intense physical activity in its calculation. While most users are satisfied with this feature, others find it a bit too rough. It is a good idea to use it as a benchmark rather than an accurate fact.

In any case, the scale is also capable of keeping eight different users in memory, and recognizes them automatically when they climb to weigh themselves. The maximum weight she accepts is 160 kg. The large LCD screen makes reading easy, although the numbers are a little small for the eyes of some. Both start and stop are automatic.

The scale is sober, very thin and therefore easy to store. It runs on batteries, included with the purchase. In the end, we are impressed by the features of this model, for a very affordable price. It is ideal for users wishing to monitor or lose weight, or just curious!

The best mid-range scales

We have included in this category two models that shine with their precision.  They are also very powerful, the first by its many practical features and the second, the only analog item of our selection, by its simplicity and reliability.

Ozeri Touch: the best mid-range

The Ozeri brand is renowned for its professional lifestyle products, modern or luxurious, especially for the kitchen and the bathroom. The Touch Scale is an impedance meter that calculates body mass using four sensors.

It once again analyzes the masses of fat, water, muscle and bone in your body through advanced algorithms. Several users point out that these data are primarily estimates, to be taken with a little hindsight. They are still informative, and please many. The scale is able to keep eight different profiles in memory, which is convenient for family use or at the gym.

Its plus, it is especially its functionality “infant tare”, which makes it possible to weigh baby, a pet or luggage with ease by carrying them in the arms. With this mode, all you have to do is go up alone on the scale, go back down, and then get back to it with the person / animal / object to be weighed in the arms. The scale calculates and then gives you two separate weights.

Plus, it works with Step On technology, so it turns on automatically when you turn on it. The shutdown is also automatic after a few seconds of non-use. This time, the scale accepts a maximum weight of 200 kg which it calculates to 100 g, in pounds or kilos according to your preference. Users are generally pleased with its accuracy.

The adjustment buttons are touch-sensitive, and the bright LCD screen is very easy to read. The tempered glass platform is ultra-strong, and its shiny black coating is rather elegant. The disadvantage is that it quickly picks up dust very visibly. To avoid this inconvenience, perhaps it is better to opt for the blank version .

The batteries are provided with the purchase of the item, but seem to need to be replaced fairly frequently. In addition, some users remain skeptical about the life of the scale: some features, especially the impedance meter, sometimes seem to fail quickly.

In the end, this model is very interesting thanks to its functionality as an impedance meter and especially its tare system for easily weighing toddlers. Its maximum weight is also advantageous, as is its precision.

Salter 145 BKDR : the mid-range alternative

Number 1 in sales in the United Kingdom and active since 1760, the English brand Salter Housewares clearly had the time to specialize in scales and scales of all kinds! This is a mechanical model that we present to you, which still seduces many consumers despite the appearance of ever more modern and technological models. The principle is basic: the large analog dial has a long red needle, clearly visible and easily identifiable to ensure a very easy reading.

Weight per kilogram is a little less accurate than with an electronic scale, but is, according to many, more reliable. It is indeed easy to control the needle and set it to zero thanks to a small wheel located under the scale. It will however have to be readjusted quite frequently, which is not uncommon with this type of model.

The base is solid, and is coated with a non-slip surface “soft touch”, reassuring in addition to being comfortable. So you can weigh yourself without problem at the exit of the shower. The maximum weight that she accepts is 150 kg.

This model, without battery, does not require batteries, which many appreciate for the much more ecological side. This independent system necessarily limits the risk of failure, and the brand guarantees its product for 15 years. In addition, the absence of various buttons and features makes its use and its maintenance really simple. The scale will please by its very vintage design, but is on the other hand heavier and more cumbersome than the more modern and current models. In the end, this scale seduced by its simplicity, and reassures more than one by its very reliable mechanical system. It is suitable for basic everyday use.

The best high-end scales

In this category, the products offered at a higher price must be practical and efficient. We included only one model meeting these criteria, which has also seduced us by its originality compared to its competitors.

Omron Healthcare BF511: the best high-end

At Omron Healthcare, product creation is motivated by the desire to make everyday life easier and to ensure a fulfilling life for everyone, without having to worry about potential health problems. It is in this approach that fits the scale impedance meter brand. This model is very efficient thanks to the presence of eight sensors distributed evenly on the feet and hands.

Indeed, it has a removable screen with handles connected to the base by a stretchable wire, so you can bring up to your face when standing. This also greatly facilitates the reading of the data.

This body composition monitor tells you your BMI and the status of your resting metabolism, while indicating your muscle and skeletal muscle mass. However, it does not calculate the water mass. It measures of course body fat data, as well as visceral fat, apparently dangerous and correlated with the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Once again, this data is for informational purposes, although the scale seems reliable thanks to its clinically validated technology. The scale stores data for four people, and also has a guest mode. For each user, the last measurement is saved, which is ideal for effective tracking. If the settings are a little difficult to configure the first time, the daily use is then very easy. The scale indicates the weight up to 150 kg, with an accuracy of 100 g.

This time, it turns on and off with an on / off button, and requires four batteries, which users sometimes feel need to change too frequently. This must of course depend on the batteries used.

In the end, this model offers a very large number of features, which appeal to followers of monitoring their body mass. It is easier to use and very legible thanks to its expandable screen.

Honorable Mentions 

Tefal PP1133VO: this electronic model, with a simple but modern design with its peppy colors, indicates your weight up to 160 kg, to 100 g. The start is automatic when you turn on it, and it stops after a few seconds of non-use. The screen displays easy-to-read numbers. Basic, it is suitable for a simple weighing, but we have preferred the backbit model entry level of our selection.

Beurer MS50: here is an affordable mechanical alternative. Its large screen with needle clearly indicates the measures, to the nearest kilo. Solid, it is usable without battery, and the tray is large and comfortable. On the other hand, the zero is to be adjusted after almost every use, and the precision seems a little random according to several users.

Salter 9193: This weighing scale weighs up to 180 kg while calculating BMI, fat mass and water mass. She also has an athlete mode. It is usable by eight people, and its LCD screen is convenient. Turning on and off is automatic, and the model is available in three more bright and modern colors (blue, pink and green). In the same price range, its competitors are however more functional.

Terraillon Pro Plus: This analog scale weighs up to 160 kg. It turns on and off automatically, while being comfortable and ergonomic. On the other hand, the dial is not easy to decipher. Like many models of the same type, it is quite heavy and bulky. Although it is an interesting option, the price / quality ratio it offers did not seem ideal enough to be part of our selection.


The Etekcity EB9380H shines with simplicity and four effective weight sensors. Its backlit LCD screen allows easy reading of the displayed result, and its automatic on / off function is very convenient. Basic, it is suitable for people just wanting to know their weight. With more features, the Ozeri Touch Scale offers among other things a “tare” function to easily weigh babies or objects. Ideal for dieting or intense athletic training, it also offers an impedance meter mode for measuring body mass, and the maximum weight it accepts is 200 kg. Lastly, for a larger investment, the Omron Healthcare BF511 model surprises with its original and removable design. It accurately calculates body mass with its eight sensors, and stores the latest data at each weighing. Among other things, it indicates the visceral fat mass, potentially dangerous for health.