/6 Best Mosquito Repellent 2019
Best Mosquito Repellent 2019

6 Best Mosquito Repellent 2019

After several hours of research and an in-depth analysis of some fifteen products, we have selected the 6 best mosquito repellents 2019 among which are our preference, Mosi-guard’s natural insecticide spray. Formulated with natural ingredients, it is suitable for the whole family and is as effective in temperate zones as in tropical or endemic countries. It will leave you safe from these annoying and potentially dangerous mosquitoes.

How did we choose?

It can be very difficult to make a choice for mosquito protection: there is a wide variety of products, and many of us face a dilemma when choosing between spreading chemicals or risking them to be bitten by a mosquito carrying a disease.

To help you in your choice, it is necessary, at first, to know the different types of repellents:

  • Sprays lotions and balms : these are the most common products, which are usually used directly on the skin. Properly applied, they provide uniform body protection. Some sprays are also sprayed on clothes. Synthetic sprays, which can sometimes be harmful to health and the environment, can be found on the market as being more natural. Practical and effective, it is to repellent sprays that we dedicate this article.
  • Bracelets : coated with essential oils, their smell repels mosquitoes. Practical for those who prefer to avoid the application of a product for the body, they are also more environmentally friendly than a spray (usually refillable). The effectiveness of this natural alternative does not convince everyone, however.
  • UV lamps : they aim to attract and kill mosquitoes. They operate on electricity or solar energy, and do not release chemicals. However, their effectiveness is often questioned: they do not seem to attract all types of mosquitoes, and are also destructive because they trap many other insects (flies, butterflies, etc.).
  • The scented candles and spirals of incense: they are to be used outside, and their effectiveness is very controversial. While some are convinced that they work, these products are not generally recommended by specialized sites. According to researchers, the smoke released by some spirals could be toxic.
  • Mosquito nets : they remain a very effective way to protect you from the little animals inside! It will be the end of the nights ruined by an incessant whirring in your ears, and they also pose no risk to health. Wearing appropriate clothing (jeans, long sleeves, high shoes, etc.) will also protect you from bites.

When choosing a spray and whatever type of product you prefer, knowing its composition is very important:

  • DEET: This chemical is the most effective repellent for keeping mosquitoes away. It was created in the 1940s by the Americans, who used it a lot during the Vietnam War. It is a controversial component because of its possible toxicity, although no study seems to confirm a real danger of use. In Canada, only products containing a maximum of 30% of DEET are allowed. Extended or daily use is not recommended.
  • Icaridin (or picaridine): it is a chemical whose use in repellents is relatively recent (early 2000s in the United States). Its proven effectiveness is more or less equal to that of DEET, while being less irritating. Be careful, however, to respect the instructions for use, as it is not suitable for young children. Odorless and transparent, it is a very practical molecule.
  • IR3535: it is an effective repellent molecule against mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other flies. Less effective than DEET, its use is not controversial. It is not recommended for pregnant women or children, but you should check the instructions for your product to make sure.
  • Essential oils: it is the natural alternative to the most common synthetic repellents. Lemongrass essential oilis certainly the best known for keeping mosquitoes away: it is apparently as effective as DEET at equal concentration, but evaporates much faster. Lemon eucalyptus, mint, clove, lavender and basil oils also help keep vampire insects at bay. Although natural, they can be toxic if used too much, especially in children. Therefore carefully observe the indications on the bottle.

We encourage you to read the instructions and conditions of use of a product before using it!

You will certainly adapt your product according to the use you want to make. As we have mentioned, a very aggressive spray will probably not be necessary for gardening, but very useful during more distant travels, in tropical countries.

We conducted extensive research on English, French and Spanish speaking sites, which allowed us to screen about fifteen repellent sprays.  For convenience, we have eliminated products that, although popular in the Americas, are difficult to access at home, which left us at hand a dozen products.

Whenever possible, we have each time tried to provide an effective natural alternative to meet the needs and preferences of everyone. This is how we can present the 6 best mosquito products currently on the market.

List of Best Mosquito Repellent 2019

The best cheap mosquito repellent products

We have dedicated this section to affordable skin repellents. The two products we selected are no less effective.

Repellent Adult Skin of Insect Screen : Best Cheap

This repellent spray has been formulated, as its name suggests, to meet the needs of protection in infested areas. It is effective against mosquitoes and tiger mosquitoes, which can be vectors of dengue, zika and chikungunya. It has been tested by many users, particularly in the Caribbean, Asia and some African countries, who are very satisfied with their use.

Many also notice its effectiveness near water points (lakes, marshes and others.) The spray is composed of 50% DEET, which provides protection up to 8 hours. The brand advises the purchase of a bottle of 100 ml for 20 days, to apply twice a day maximum. The product can be used in pregnant women and children from 2 years old.

The smell, although not pleasant, is not too aggressive compared to other products of the same kind existing on the market. The texture is not sticky. However, be careful when using the product on plastic, bezel frames or even watchbands. The spray tends to damage them.

Although we have not been able to access the complete list of ingredients contained in the spray and so we cannot comment on its composition, the content of DEET seems very high, and previous observations not reassuring. A less concentrated product will require more frequent application, but will be milder.

There is also a version of families based 20% icaridin, softer molecule, which is recommended for areas where mosquitoes are a nuisance than a danger.

In the end, although its concentration in DEET is very high, this product is very effective and reassuring in infested areas where contamination is possible. Its uncomfortable smell, its light texture and its compatibility with the whole family are also interesting assets.

Organic mosquito spray with lemongrass So’bio etic : the cheap alternative

The brand Sobio etic is not to present for the passionate (e) of organic cosmetics. Committed to creating products that respect the skin and the environment, it also guarantees humane and equitable partnerships with its producers. And all while offering small prices!

This repellent spray with lemongrass helps keep pests away (mosquitoes, flies, etc.) and avoid bites. While some users have not hesitated to win during their trip to Asia and applaud the effectiveness of the spray, the brand does not ensure its action in areas at risk.

In our opinion, it is therefore rather a good alternative to more aggressive and less natural products, to be used when there is no need to fear the presence of mosquitoes that may be vectors of diseases. It is ideal for providing comfort at home or in the garden, and can be sprayed on the body or in the atmosphere. This natural spray is formulated with seven essential oils, including lemongrass, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus oils.

Its high concentration therefore requires, as with any product containing essential oils, to take certain precautions: the spray is also not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding and children under 10 years. Its natural composition makes its actions a little less effective over time, and it is necessary to re-apply about every 2 hours for optimal efficiency.

Most consumers are not bothered by this, mainly adopting the product for its natural and ecological composition. Its duration of action is limited; some users deplore the speed at which the 75 ml bottle empties. Others, on the other hand, are very satisfied. It really depends on how you intend to use it, and how often you want to use it!

While some are disturbed by the scent of citronella, others do not hesitate to spray product on their quilt to ensure a peaceful night. The texture of the product is fluid and pleasant.

In the end, we mainly remember this product for its effectiveness against mosquitoes and other insects, and its clean and natural composition, which allows a frequent use softer and less polluting daily. On the other hand, this product will not be suitable for people sensitive to essential oils, and may not be sufficient in endemic areas.

The best mid-range mosquito products

In this category, we have selected two products to be applied to the skin at a slightly higher price. The first impresses us particularly with its formidable efficiency despite a more natural composition.

Mosi-guard Natural Insect Spray   : The Best Mid-Range

This very popular English brand in the UK offers products formulated from natural ingredients, with the assurance of being as effective as synthetic repellents containing DEET. It was designed by a doctor specialized in tropical diseases anxious to provide a natural alternative to the usual products. Little more, Mosi-guard promises an ethical and sustainable production of its products.

The spray effectively repels mosquitoes, midges, flies, ticks and leeches, to name a few. Its use is recommended in both low and high risk areas: it protects mosquitoes that carry malaria, dengue and other tropical diseases.

From Thailand to Costa Rica via Australia, travelers approve of its effectiveness in repelling these insects. Users are also very satisfied with his actions against the “midges”, these very voracious little gnats particularly harassing in Scotland.

The repellent is based on a concentration of 30% Citriodiol, an active extract of lemon eucalyptus essential oil that is an effective insect repellent. The product is suitable for the whole family (from 6 months), which delight users who are looking for softer products to protect their children. The spray protects you from tiny assailants for 8 hours, but be careful not to miss a part of your body when you apply it: mosquitoes will find the flaw!

If the smell is very much for many people even unpleasant, it will fade normally rather quickly. Citriodiol is characterized by its minty scent.The spray version of 75 ml is very popular, but the product is also available in stick (very convenient for children) and roll-on . The price of these two items is nevertheless currently less interesting.

It is again difficult to find its complete composition, but remains less harmful to health than more synthetic products. Although probably a little less effective, it is a great alternative to products containing DEET and delights many thanks to its natural formula.

In the end, although its smell is very strong, this repellent spray impresses with its more natural components and its efficiency always at the rendezvous. You can take it everywhere because it is suitable for all situations, whether they are low or high risk!

Five of Five Tropic Spray : The Mid-Range Alternative

This highly effective repellent is formulated to respond to precautions in risk areas, especially tropical areas. Users are also very satisfied with its efficiency when traveling to South America, Asia, Africa or even Europe. Some do not hesitate to use it in our regions, to avoid any inconvenience related to insect bites.

It keeps mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes (a species of Asian origin very invasive and increasingly present here) and ticks, and thus prevents the transmission of certain diseases such as zika virus, dengue fever or malaria.

It contains a 35% concentration of IR3535, and is effective for 8 hours. It is advisable not to apply more than one to three times a day, depending on age.This repellent is suitable for pregnant women and children from 24 months. Note that there is also a Spray Family , particularly suitable for sensitive people.

The spray is in the form of a lotion, which tends to leave a residue a little greasy on the skin of some users. Its smell, on the other hand, is not disturbing, especially when compared to other products of the same type, which smell much more chemical.

The spray is very practical because of its small size (75 ml), and the bottle is strong enough to be transported without difficulty in any bag. We also wanted to learn about the composition of the lotion, whose ingredients are not available on the official website of the brand, which aroused our suspicion.

The repellent contains ethylhexyl methamphetamine, suspected to be an endocrine disruptor, butyl phenyl methyl propional, possibly toxic, and PEGS, the use of which is highly controversial.

Apart from that, this product remains, in view of its effectiveness, very interesting especially if you use it only when it is really essential. It allows going on holiday with peace of mind.

In the end, we like this repellent for its efficiency, for its compatibility with (almost) the whole family, and for its practical format for the trip. It is a “must” for escapades in endemic or tropical areas. His less good composition has nevertheless pushed us to prefer the previous product.

The best high-end mosquito products

In this section we have selected the best high budget repellents here. Our alternative here is a spray spray on textiles and not directly on the body, which will be suitable for those who prefer to avoid coating directly product but still want to get rid of insects.

Relec Strong Mosquito Spray : the best high-end 

This repellent spray very popular with Spaniards is ideal for keeping mosquitoes away in temperate climates. It is therefore ideal to use in our country, and is ideally suited to more humid areas and the proximity of water points (beaches, lakes, swimming pool).

The product is effective against mosquitoes-tigers, more and more frequent in our regions, and travelers who have used this spray in the Caribbean and some African countries are very satisfied with its actions.

Composed of a 20% concentration of icaridine, it protects your skin for 6 to 7 hours and is suitable for children from 36 months. It is also formulated specifically to meet the needs of sensitive skin, and its use is ideal for atopic skin and easily irritable.

Users notice that its smell is not too strong and, although it is not particularly pleasant, it is not uncomfortable. The product is ideal for day-to-day use, but is recommended in areas where there are no cases of malaria or other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Many consumers believe that the price / quality ratio of this 75 ml spray is advantageous, although it will not fit all budgets. In the end, we keep this repellent for its effectiveness in everyday life, its unpleasant smell and especially its compatibility with sensitive skin. It will suit you perfectly if you are not likely to go to a risk area.

Ladrome anti-mosquito spray   : the high-end alternative

The laboratory Ladrome is expert in medicinal plants, and offers many organic products. Specialized in aromatherapy (essential oils) and photo-therapy (care with plants), it promotes an ideal of respect for people and the planet.

Formulated from five essential oils (lemon eucalyptus, lemongrass, lemongrass, palmarosa and geranium bourbon), it is effective for 5 to 6 hours, and can be used in infested and tropical areas as well as in more temperate areas.

Unlike other products in this selection, this spray is sprayed on clothes or in the atmosphere, but should be avoided on the skin. It will therefore be suitable for people who do not wish to apply a product directly on their body.

Users advise against spraying textiles too closely to avoid stains. On vacation, do not hesitate to spray this product in your room or on the mosquito net to ensure a peaceful night. It is suitable for adults and children over 36 months but, being rich in essential oils, is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

The product must be re-applied frequently and, although it is less effective than chemicals, it is for its natural composition, healthier for the users and the planet, that people adopt it. He is also certified Ecocert.

The spray has a very strong smell, like the majority of products containing essential oils, which displeases some but enchants others. It’s a question of taste !

The small container (50 ml) is convenient to carry in his travel bag, but the value for money of this product still seems less interesting. It differs from our entry-level alternative of So bio etic by its possible use in risk areas.

In the end, this product stands out for its composition, its effectiveness in risk areas and its use on clothing and not the body. However, it seems to us to offer a fairly high price, and its formula with essential oils will not be suitable for everyone.

Honorable Mentions

Avon’s original Skin so soft dry oil : this product is not a repellent spray itself, but a dry oil with citronella scent, which is therefore practical for keeping insects away. Users also welcome its effectiveness! It is practical everyday thanks to its pump bottle, and will leave you a silky and nourished skin. Two in one, this oil allows you to hydrate and protect yourself from mosquitoes in a single gesture. Its composition is however not top: the oil is formulated based on petroleum derivatives.

Autan Multi-Insect Repellent : This 20% icaridin spray is effective for keeping native mosquitoes away for up to 8 hours and tiger mosquitoes for up to 6 hours. It also works to protect against horseflies and ticks. It is suitable for the whole family, and is effective even in humid conditions. A little less known to the public, it was therefore less tested, and was not included in our main selection for this reason. Its users are nevertheless satisfied! Finally, we unfortunately did not have access to its complete composition.


In the end, it is good to the Mosi-guard natural insecticide spray that our preference is. Effective everyday as during your travels in risk areas, it is suitable for young and old, and its natural composition is a big plus!

The repellent adult skin & infested children’s areas of Insect Ecran is also intended for the use of all (except pregnant women and children under 2 years). Highly effective, it is formulated to meet the needs of risk situations in infested areas. Its composition is less healthy (DEET content quite high), it is suitable for more punctual use.

Finally, we selected Relec’s strong mosquito spray for its use for the whole family and its formula for sensitive skin. With a rather discreet smell, it is to be used in temperate zones. Its price will be suitable for fewer scholarships.