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Best White Noise Machine

5 Best White Noise Machine for Sleeping & Baby 2019

After several hours of research, here is my selection of the 5 best white noise machine for sleeping among more than thirty models available at the moment on the market. My favorite thing about this selection is the Sound + Sleep by its look and all its functions. However, the device with the best quality / price ratio is the My Baby Sound Spa for toddlers and the HoMedics Sound Spa for adults. You will also find at the end of this article a shopping guide to choose the best white noise devices that will best meet your needs or those of your child.

List of Best White Noise Machine for Sleeping

The best cheap white noise devices

Here are two devices to white noise cheap, which will appeal to small budgets.

Homedics SoundSpa Rejuvenate : the best cheap

For a reasonable budget, the first cheap white noise camera in this selection is the famous HoMedics brand. This device is portable, although it is still a little bigger than my baby, which I present to you (difficult to make smaller).

With its 6 sleep therapy sounds (white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, stream), this white-noise device is more for adults, although it can easily be used with care. children and babies (if heartbeats or lullabies are not very popular with adults, the sounds proposed here can be used on adults as well as children).

Its automatic shut-off timer can be set to 15, 30, or 60 minutes, enough to adapt to individual needs while saving batteries!

This unit, unlike the previous one, can be powered by batteries (not included) or by AC adapter (included), making it the perfect traveling companion not only for frequent flyers, but also perfect for staying at home. The mains connection option is, I think, always welcome!

The sound volume is once again adjustable, perfect to adjust to the environment and the needs of each.

Level look, this device is all-purpose and blends seamlessly into any room decor. As a portable device, however, in my opinion, it lacks a small hook in order to hang it on the bed or stroller and thus be closer to children.

This device is, in my opinion, the best value for money for an adult machine. For babies, however, MyBaby SoundSpa is even cheaper and works just as well. 

MyBaby SoundSpa : the ideal for babies

The second best white noise machine for baby of this selection (and also the cheapest) is a very small portable device intended for children. It should be noted that it can also, if necessary, be used by an adult.

This small device plays four different sounds and has an adjustable volume control that allows you to get the right setting for the environment.

The four soothing sounds included are the heartbeat, a white noise, the sound of the waves of the ocean and a lullaby. Rather intended for children with the sounds available, rather than adults (well, if you also like to be rocked in bed, you will love!).

In addition to the adjustable volume, it is also possible to set the automatic sleep timer for 15, 30 or 45 minutes or choose to leave the white noise continuously, which is very convenient to adapt to babies who just need help to fall asleep and to those who need continuous support during their nap or night!

Definitely an important option for me! One might wonder what this level of battery consumption means (this portable device unfortunately does not have a mains connection)  the good news is that the life of the batteries (3 AAA batteries, included), is really good (I use it myself with my daughter) and they only need to be changed very rarely, even in times of frequent use and even with batteries that are not branded.

Ultra light, this small device sneaks without worry in the bag or changing suitcase and is easily clipped to the stroller, pram or cradle. What reassure baby wherever you go!

A small concentrate at a very small price, rather pretty, and who does his job very well. I would just say that, given the size, the sound mounted to the maximum does not always cover the sounds outside.

Not ideal so if you are in a very noisy environment, but it’s usually enough for a normal environment and it reassures baby immediately. This device is, in my opinion, the best value for money for use with toddlers.

The best white-noise midrange devices

For slightly larger budgets, here is a mid-range white noise device that stood out.

LectroFan : the best mid-range

This small white loudspeaker case from Lectrofan is the only mid-range white noise device that stands out. For a price certainly much larger than previous devices, but still affordable, this device delivers many sounds that can relax easily and sleep peacefully.

It offers 10 variations of fan sounds and 10 sounds of white noise, what to find the sound that is suitable for relaxing and that ideal for sleeping! Not certain though that the 10 variations of fan sounds are needed, but who knows, at least this leaves the choice and it’s always better than not enough.

This device works mainly on mains and comes with an adapter for Europe, the United States as well as for the United Kingdom, so very convenient for frequent travelers who wish to use this device even on the move.

Compact and portable (almost 600 grams only), this machine takes up little space in your luggage and can even sneak into a purse.

Too bad, however, that a battery operation option is not included, because it would have avoided a burden for small trips. Obviously, in the absence of battery case, it is not surprising not to see a transport clip. This would have been interesting to have in my opinion for optimal portability.

Like the previous ones, this device also has a timer, but this time only adjustable over 60 minutes or so without interruption. It would have been, I think, better to have a little more choice at this level, as proposed by previous machines.

You can once again adjust the volume according to your needs, a function that is essential to me! We do not all have the same sensitivity on this point.

Level look, it is white and mat and his heptagon design will make this small device an interesting part of your decor. It is in any case the most beautiful and design so far.

The best high-end white noise devices

For much larger budgets (count more than 100 euros), here are two white noise devices that are interesting.

Sound + Sleep : the best upscale

In a style other than the previous devices, but design and compact, here is a machine that, because of its many buttons, seems to have a lot of functions.

For the price (not negligible), this device indeed offers a rich panoply of not less than 10 natural sound profiles of high quality that create the most realistic sleep environment.

Another important point is that, unlike many other sound machines, this one dynamically mixes long, naturally recorded high definition sounds, eliminating repetitions and increasing its efficiency.

The sound library, in addition to being of quality is also very varied, and offers typical sounds such as the sound of the ocean, the rain, a stream or a waterfall, as well as sounds a little more special such as relaxing meadow, fireplace, city or train sounds. What will find what suits you best, for sure!

Easy to select thanks to the central crank with the names written, you will pass from one to the other without worries. You can change the volume manually, or use the adaptive sound technology that listens and responds to the environment by remixing the sound profiles and adjusting the volume to mask the noise (so ideal for sleep without wake up)!

You can start the machine for continuous listening, or choose from 4 timer settings (30, 60.90 and 120 minutes), which reduces the volume slowly, avoiding a sudden break that could wake you up.

The stop timer and optional display controls provide an optimal environment for the night, by not creating too much light.

This device is not intended to be portable, even if it is quite compact, and only works on mains (be careful, you may need a European adapter).

It is nevertheless possible for you to connect your headphones, so as not to inconvenience your neighbor or neighbor if necessary (if he or she is not receptive, it could indeed a little annoying).

A very complete device therefore, which by its options, its available choices and especially its adaptive technology justifies its price. An investment therefore, but certainly not useless, especially if you have (or your child) worries to fall asleep and finally want to spend good nights.

This machine is my favorite of this selection, but remains expensive!   

Sound Oasis S-650-01 : Can do better …

With its look totally different from that of previous devices (which in my opinion is more like an alarm clock), Sound Oasis offers a white noise device that, I think, is unfortunately not at all high-end.

Given its really high price, I certainly expected something visually very different, similar to the previous device for example.

Once the visual shock passed, this device still offers 24 sounds, via 2 cards of 12 sounds each (it is also possible to buy others to further increase the sound library). It delivers unparalleled sound therapy, with high quality sounds to relax, fall asleep or spend a peaceful night.

If this machine looks like an alarm clock it’s because it is one. It allows you to wake up at the desired time to the sound of nature that you have selected or the traditional buzzer. Be careful however, the setting of the alarm clock can be a bit tedious, which is still a shame for the price!

Its timer allows you to choose between a continuous sound or that will turn off automatically and gradually after 30, 60 or 90 minutes, what easily adapt to your needs!

This machine is mains powered and also has a plug for headphones, which can be handy. Compact, it also accepts 4 AA batteries to be easily transportable.

Again, the volume is adjustable. Unfortunately, for the really high price, I find that this device does not really offer anything extraordinary, for a really mediocre look.

I am therefore disappointed and still prefer to invest heavily in the previous device.

This says this machine will make you save an alarm clock, but not certain that this is enough.

How to choose your white noise device?

A white-noise device may seem incidental to some, but it can also really change the lives of some people (adults and children) who have trouble concentrating, relaxing, falling asleep or sleeping soundly.

In these cases, it is important to choose the white noise device to get the best results, especially if you are dependent on it. So here, in my opinion, the most important criteria when choosing a machine of this kind.

Sound quality

The criterion of sound quality is essential when choosing the device, so that the proposed sounds can have a relaxing effect on an adult or a child. No question to skimp on this aspect, otherwise you will not manage to use the device!

So choose a model with a high sound quality and an adjustable volume, so you can have a pleasant sound to hear and that is adapted to the environment in which you are and the atmosphere you want to get.

The sound library

Obviously, when we talk about white noise device, I think, we must choose a machine that offers a wide range of different sounds in order to choose the one we want on the moment and especially find the one / those for which we are receptive (which is unfortunately not the case for all white noise).

If possible, choose a model that offers sounds without too many repetitions, as this can quickly become a bit annoying. I recommend opting for a device that offers choices of not only white noise like the fan, but also noises of nature.

The timer

Also, in my opinion, the automatic timer proposed in most cases must be able to adjust to many different times. So, favor a device that, in addition to a permanent sound offers a timer with at least 2/3 possible choices, ranging from 30 minutes to about 60, 90 minutes.

More than that does not seem to me really necessary, as much to leave it continuously.

If possible, opt for a device whose sound gradually decreases towards the end of the timer, so that a sudden cut of the background does not wake you (or your child).


If you or your child is really dependent on white noise to fall asleep and have a good night, it seems obvious that you will have to opt for a compact and light machine, which can accompany you on the move very easily.

For children, be sure to find a model with a hook so you can attach it to the stroller or others for the smooth running of naps. An outlet option in addition to batteries is always an advantage, to save some money when you stay in the same place (house, hotel).

For the little ones, you can also buy a soft toy with white noise , which combines both practicality and softness.

Additional options

Particularly impressed by the adaptive sound technology, this option seems to me really interesting, to ensure that the volume is always correctly adjusted, even in a changing environment. A big plus in my opinion, but that may cost you a little expensive unfortunately.