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best dental water jets

How to choose best dental water jets in 2019

After several hours of research among twenty models currently popular, we have selected the 4 best dental water jets available on the market. Our preference is the Waterpik WP-660EU , which shines with its multiple features that can adapt to the needs and preferences of each.

How did we choose best dental water jets? 

Effective even with rings and other orthodontic appliances, dental jets will work for everyone. However, the quantity of different products on the market as well as their often very variable quality can constitute a brake to the purchase. Here are some preliminary tips on the features and accessories to consider before making a final choice. First, we can differentiate two types of dental jets:

  • Laptops : they walk on batteries or on battery, and are obviously practical in displacements. They even sometimes have a retractable tank to ensure a need for really minimal space in your suitcase. By cons, they are often equipped with fewer settings, and especially a smaller tank, which limits its autonomy.
  • With station : if they take up more room in the bathroom, it is because of their large tank, which is convenient for one or more cleanings. They are usually equipped with more features, and sometimes even have a 2-in-1 function with electric toothbrush included.

Knowing this, it is important to pay special attention to these few characteristics:

  • Tank Tank capacity is important to consider if you want to clean all your teeth in one fill. It is from a container of about 300 ml that the models become interesting from this point of view.
  • The pressure : the ideal is to opt for a model on which it will be adjustable. Thus, the gums cleansing will be gentle while a stronger pressure will allow you to clean your teeth meticulously. You can adapt it to your needs and sensibilities.
  • Cannulae : Some dental jets offer cannulas specifically designed to effectively clean dental appliances, periodontal pockets or eliminate scale. If you suffer from these dental problems, these utensils will undoubtedly be a big asset.

We conducted our research for hours on various sites specialized in dental and oral hygiene products. After having selected more than a dozen models, we consulted many consumer feedbacks and reviews, which allowed us to select only the 4 best dental jets currently available on the USA market.

The best cheap dental jets 

It is quite difficult to find entry-level models that do not suffer from much lower quality or other major defects. That’s why we have finally included in this category only one product, which has managed to stand out from its competitors.

Panasonic EW1211 Dentacare Handy: the best cheap

We open our selection with a model already priced relatively high (although affordable), devices at very low prices are generally not worth mentioning. The EW1211 is rather compact and convenient to use thanks to the absence of wire, which makes it very handy and portable. It will also be easy to take with you during travel. It is on the other hand equipped with a charging base which will have to be connected to mains. That said, users point out that the jet holds the load. Its integrated water tank is removable and is therefore very easy to fill. Its capacity of 130 ml will allow you to use it for about 35 seconds. This is a bit too much to the taste of some users, who deplore the fact of having to stop in action to add water in the device. For others, it is a step that, although additional, remains quite restrictive.

Anyway, you can use two cleaning methods. The first mode, more powerful, cleans the interstices in depth, while the second is intended to massage the gums and eliminate the bacteria responsible for the formation of dental plaque. To do this, air is propelled with water for a smoother experience. You can also opt for a normal or sensitive mode. Another plus: the device is fully waterproof and can be washed directly under a trickle of water. Some find that the life of this dental jet is rather limited. Often, it is at the level of the holding of the battery that a weakness is noted. Unfortunately this is a common defect in this type of product. In the end, the Panasonic jet still offers great convenience in all, whether in terms of its design or its accessories. We particularly appreciate the removable tank and different cleaning modes, designed to adapt to the needs of each. In the end, it will be particularly suitable for those of you wishing to venture for the first time in the world of the irrigators.

The best mid-range dental jets 

For a price a little higher, we can expect a more varied choice and a more acceptable quality. After careful consideration, we have again decided to include only one model in this section, which is highly appreciated for its efficiency and versatility.

Water pik WP-660EU : the best midrange 

This very popular model is offered by the American brand Water pik, which has specialized in dental and oral hygiene products for more than 60 years and whose reputation is therefore more to do. The Aquarius, sober and uncluttered look, already has a quality impression far superior to that of the products mentioned at the entry level. This is a station model, which will need to be plugged in and is more bulky, but is equipped with a 650ml high capacity tank. It will allow you to use more than 90 seconds, which is ideal for a complete cleaning. Two modes are available: you can opt for an intense and thorough cleaning, or for a softer massage of the gums. The intensity is adjustable on no less than ten levels. Each will find a jet power corresponding to his needs and sensitivities.

Finally, it is equipped with seven cannulas, five of which are different. In addition to the usual functionality of the irrigator, you will be able to effectively fight against the appearance of plaque or simply brush your teeth through the tip provided for this purpose. The only downside to mention is again the apparently limited life of the device. In the end, we are seduced by this model with various features and settings adaptable to the needs of each and every one of us. Although a nothing more bulky, it offers a quick and efficient cleaning. In addition, you can use it to brush your teeth thanks to the cannula dedicated to this action.

The best high-end dental jets 

In this category, it is normal to raise the bar and hope to find models meeting more specific requirements. So here, finally, two models with excellent material quality, exemplary efficiency and undeniable versatility.

Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 CC02: the best high-end

Similar to the previous model, it combines the dental spray with the toothbrush, to treat your dental hygiene in a very complete way. There are two independent tools, and no longer a tip to fix on the same foot. The CC02 offers a more classic rotating toothbrush, but the whole is also available in version CC01 with sonic brush. Oval, it is the hairs that vibrate at high speed, not the head that turns. Your choice will simply depend on your preferences. It runs on battery and is transportable, alone, in its travel case, which is very convenient. In addition, it has a 2-minute timer with 30-second intervals to ensure optimal brushing. No more question of botching such an important step in the daily routine. The tank is always 650 ml capacity, for continuous use of about 90 seconds. The irrigator offers this time three modes of cleaning. High, it will clean thoroughly, while the lower level will respect the more sensitive gums. The massage function is ideal for enhanced stimulation. Everything is adjustable over ten levels of intensity.

And, again, many cannulas are available: two classics, an orthodontic tip, a dental plaque cleaning tip, and a Pick Pocket tip adorn the dental jet. On the toothbrush side, there are two traditional tips and a tongue-cleaner tip. On the other hand, we must admit that the price becomes a little higher, and is not accessible to all budgets. The only downside: according to some users, the jet function is a noisy thing. In the end, here is a model that shines by its versatility and its use 2-in-1. In addition to carrying all the features needed for a dental jet, it features an effective toothbrush with a timer to ensure a bright smile. It is intended to meet the needs and desires of each one.

Oral-B Oxyjet Pro2000: the high-end alternative

The reputation of the Oral-B brand is obviously more to do in the world of oral health. In a recent comparison dedicated to the best toothpastes, we talked about its protective paste, which is very popular with the general public. We are focusing here on its Oxyjet Pro2000 cleaning station, which once again combines the dental spray with the toothbrush. The reservoir is very similar to that of the Waterpik. Its capacity of 600 ml makes it possible to largely hold the recommended 60 seconds of cleaning. Its advantage is that it is enriched with micro bubbles of purified air, which are apparently ideal to dislodge even more ingrained dirt and improve the health of the gums.

It is equipped with five pressure levels, oscillating from powerful jet to very gentle massage. On the other hand, it is also possible to select the function of the water jet, which allows you to choose between a mono-jet for a precise cleaning or a rotating jet for an optimal massage effect. In short, everyone can find his account again. This model comes with four replacement cannulas for the jet, as well as six brushes for the toothbrush. In addition, the tips are provided with rings of different colors, which make a family use of the device not only possible, but also much easier.

By cons, in addition to its price again high enough, users lament the clutter of the machine. Many also feel that the jet lacks a bit of power compared to other models of the same brand. Weaker, it would be a little less effective. This is an interesting option because of its 2-in-1 system and its versatility. It is also distinguished by its jet air micro bubbles which bring a great efficiency. The station remains, however, in our opinion, a little less complete than that of the previous model.

Honorable Mentions 

Youngdo: this wireless model has a 300 ml water tank and is equipped with three cleaning modes (soft, normal and pulse). In addition, it keeps in memory the mode chosen during the last use. Compact and waterproof, it is easily transportable and comes with several nozzles. On the other hand, it is unfortunately at the level of quality that the rub: the materials used are very low-end, and its life is therefore quite limited.

Panasonic EW-DJ10-A: this small wireless and nomadic model runs on batteries and is convenient to take with you when you travel. Its 165 ml water tank, retractable, allows a use of about 40 seconds. Two spray modes are available: a softer for gum massage, and a more intense for deep cleansing. On the other hand, it requires a lot of battery changes, which is far from being ecological and economical. It is rather indicated for a very punctual use.

Oral-B Professional Care Waterjet: On paper, this very popular model offers interesting features for an affordable price. It is equipped with two cannulas and two cleaning modes: a mono-jet that gets rid of residues and a multi-jet for massage gums, whose pressure is adjustable. However, in practice, its life is very limited, and many users report that the pipe breaks at the handle and that the tank tends to leak. In addition, it is quite bulky. It’s a shame, especially considering the reputation of the brand.

Philips Sonicare Airfloss HX8432 / 03: this ergonomically designed and easy-to-operate model is battery operated. It does not deliver a continuous stream of water, but a mixture of air and water with three different intensities, which justifies its very small tank of 15 ml. Despite this, it is too small to ensure a complete cleaning. In addition, some users point to a limited life. Its higher price does not seem so justified.


In the end, our preference is the Waterpik WP-660EU. Although its life seems in some cases limited, it brings a very beautiful modularity with its two modes of cleaning, ten levels of pressure and five types of cannulas different. It adapts perfectly to the needs and sensibilities of each one.

The Panasonic EW1211 Dentacare Handy meanwhile, is portable thanks to its lack of wire and its charging base for its battery. It presents the two cleaning modes necessary for good dental hygiene, and offers three levels of pressure. Its removable tank is easy to fill, but its capacity is a little more limited, as is its lifespan and quality.

2-in-1, the Waterpik Complete Care 9.5 CC02 offers with its station a dental jet as well as an independent rotating electric toothbrush. The latter is very efficient, and the jet is endowed with all the features necessary for optimal cleaning.