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Best Stopwatch for Running of 2019

Best Stopwatch for Running of 2019

Always, one of the goals of man is to measure time. If you are also an athlete, you want to monitor your activities or simply keep under control what you need in terms of time and definitely you are looking for best stopwatch for running of 2019. Modern digital models allow you to have adequate control over time, having adequate precision in this timing and with a really simple operation with which to work without worries. This simplicity and quality are what reflects the most valued model by consumers: the TFA stopwatch 38.2022.01. This product has a simple design where you can measure and time what you need thanks to its large buttons and high visibility screen. And if you want to do it in reverse, you also have a countdown system, very easy to configure. Another interesting product is the Casio HS-3V-1RET model. Known for its high resistance, Casio offers you a product of excellent quality, designed for the sports world and that allows you to be able to time times in the traditional way to control lap times and other parameters of your performance.

What is the best stopwatch for running in the market?

Measuring time has been one of the tasks to which man has always been dedicated. Whether it is to prepare your favorite dish or to measure your sports performance, a stopwatch is a complement that will surely accompany you. If you have decided to equip yourself with one of these models, follow the guidelines that we give you with which it will be easy for you to better understand the models present in any comparison of stopwatches, making the process of equipping yourself with what you need easier without spending too much.

If this is your case and you are looking for a new stopwatch, do not miss this comparative list that we have made especially so that you can choose the best stopwatch for running of 2019.

1. Casio HS-3V-1RET

Casio HS-3V-1RET

The Japanese brand Casio of course does not need presentation, we all know that we are talking about a quality product, and not in vain the Casio HS-3V-1RET is considered by many people as one of the best chronometers of today.

This is a watch- type digital quartz chronometer, special for sports purposes but also fulfills its function in other areas. It has a fairly sober round black design and is very easy to use, although it has its manual user’s report that it is not necessary to read it to intuit how it is used.

This stopwatch has 6.4 centimeters in diameter and a thickness of 1.7 cm, it is also very light so that you can take it from one place to another hanging from the neck without suffering any discomfort.

The HS-3V-1RET model of the Casio Sport line is one of the best options if we are looking for good brand and precision when measuring time.

It is tradition to see a brand like Casio in this branch of electronic devices. For this reason and because the quality of its products are its biggest guarantee, it is claimed that this is the best stopwatch brand. Look at the advantages that your stopwatch offers below.


Simple to use:

Users highlight this as their best feature: you don’t need to read the user manual to learn how to use it. Its operation is intuitive.


It is a fairly small and lightweight device: it only measures 6.4 cm in diameter and is 1.7 cm thick. Its weight is less than 50 grams.


It works as a stopwatch, with its respective possibility to stop and resume counting. It also has a daily alarm that can be used as an alarm clock.


It is made of black resin. The crystal is mineral crystal and has quartz parts that stabilize its performance when running with it or any other movement that can affect it is made.


It comes with a lithium battery included, which ensures a shelf life of several months according to the manufacturer.

2. Hudora 65601

Hudora 65601

That we put it in third place does not mean that this is not one of the best stopwatches of 2019. The Hudora 65601 is one of the easiest to use and also one of the cheapest. Users are very happy with this stopwatch because it fully fulfills its function and is practically unsurpassed.

This model has dimensions of 23 x 9 x 2 cm and weighs 9 g, so it is small and light. It is designed for sports use so it can be worn around the neck.

However, it is also used by housewives who can carry it around the neck while they leave something in the kitchen and are engaged in other tasks, so they can be aware of the time for perfect food.

You only need a lithium battery that is included and will last a long time. It is very easy to use, so it is suitable for both professionals and ordinary people who need to measure time.

According to many of the clients, the best stopwatch for 10 euros is as follows, hence we include its pros and cons for you to evaluate.


Size: It is a compact device that measures 7.2 x 6.5 x 1.6 cm. Its weight is only 42 g, a whole pen with which to run and do physical activity.

Functions: You have a calendar to check dates and can also be used as an alarm clock.

Price: One of the features most commented by users is that its price is a great attraction, being very affordable and offering a very good performance.

Drums: It needs and includes a high-quality lithium battery that, according to the manufacturer, will last several months without any problem.


 Users say it is too simple and only limited to being a stopwatch with a clock, nothing more.

3. LaoPao PS6100-UK


The LaoPao PS6100-UK chronometer watch makes a difference with respect to the design and approach of other models we have analyzed. In part, due to the design of its exterior, which, unlike the plastic models we have seen, changes that aspect to a metallic design of high quality and resistance.

We also talk about a model that has an ideal approach to training for periods or intervals, since it has three screen lines and a total of 100 available memories, among which we can navigate comfortably using the included keypad.

This stopwatch also includes other interesting functions, such as alarm or timer, in addition to the conventional clock. Some aspects that do not complicate the handling, which maintains the simplicity of the more traditional three-button chronometers, thus simplifying the control process. And although it is somewhat heavier than normal, this is also no problem to take with you wherever you want.

Change style with this high-resistance stopwatch and a wide variety of practical functions, which we analyze below.


Metal: The metallic design of the chronometer structure adds greater strength and a different look to this model.

Screen: The three-line display makes it much easier to see everything clearly and to control both the current time and the previous laps, among other data.

Memory: The stopwatch has 100 memory spaces to store turns or passing times, being easy to move between them with the three buttons included.


Weight: For obvious reasons, the product has a somewhat higher weight than usual, around 133 grams, although it is not especially heavy.

Whistle: The stopwatch generates a sound that can be annoying when you press the function keys. It is possible to eliminate it, although for this you have to do a little DIY on the product.

4. Sportline 240 Series


We finish this list with one of the simplest chronometer watch on the market. The Sportline 240 Series offers a solution to those who need to measure periods of time.

It is designed with quartz crystal technology and has an accuracy of 1/100 seconds. In addition, it allows you to configure a time display in 24 or 12 hour format and has an alarm.

The Sportline 240 Series uses a button cell very easy to get in any watch store but the one that it includes will last a long time. As if that were not enough, it is quite ergonomic which allows you to run with it in your hand. Its dimensions are 4.4 x 10.2 x 18.3 cm and its weight 68 g.

If none of the above you liked, this could be an option for you. We recommend you to study each one of these chronometers very well so that you discover which one best suits your style. The idea is not to buy a product just for the price, check the specifications and comments of users on the Internet very well.

Looking for the cheapest chronometers, we come across this model that offers good quality and performance, for a fairly competitive price. If you want to know more, we invite you to read below its advantages and disadvantages.


Size: Like most of its contenders, it has quite small dimensions: 4.4 x 10.2 x 18.3 cm. Its weight of 68 g.

Use: You can display the time in both 12 h and 24 h format. It also has an alarm that can be used as an alarm clock. You can record a couple of events in your memory.

Precision: The stopwatch is designed with a quartz crystal technology that allows it to be accurate to 1/100 seconds.

Drums: Use a button battery that the manufacturer insures, it will last a few months before it runs out completely.


Mode Button: Customers ensure that the stopwatch mode button is quite uncomfortable, causing it to activate frequently.

5. TFA 38.2022.01

TFA 38.2022.01

Let’s start this list with a small device that offers a great value for money. This is the TFA 38.2022.01 stopwatch and timer, considered by many users as the best stopwatch of 2019, an ideal tool for the kitchen because it has a magnetic attachment to easily adhere to a refrigerator or a metal bell.

With a size of only 5.4 x 5.4 x 1.7 cm and a weight of 41 g, it is one of the most portable stopwatches on the market. It also has a simple operation and a screen large enough to read the digits at a glance.

The TFA 38.2022.01 has a white circular design that combines with most of the appliances we have at home and works with a button battery that is included.

It is called a stopwatch-timer because in addition to counting forward, it also has a countdown of up to 100 hours, so if you put something to cook and you need to do something else it is only a matter of calculating the time and setting the timer so that when you finish tell you to indicate it with its powerful alarm that you will hear even if you are outside the kitchen.

Those who want to choose the most recommended, should take a look at a model considered the best stopwatch of the moment for all its features. Read on to know more about this device.


Size: It is an incredibly compact device: it only measures 5.4 x 5.4 x 1.7 cm so it will not get in any place where it is taken or placed. Its weight is also very low, only 41 g.

Use: It comes with three buttons with which you can use all the features: start counting, stop it, memory and reset.

Timer: Not only is it a stopwatch, but it also allows its use as a timer, that is, to count from a certain number to 0.

Alarm: It has an audible warning when the counter reaches 0, if it is in timer mode.


Features: It has a screen that allows you to easily see the numbers on it. In addition, it has the possibility of being magnetically fixed to another metal surface. It works with a button-type battery, included in the purchase.

6. Ckeyin 


When we are asked what is the best stopwatch in the current market we have to mention the Ckeyin as one of the most outstanding. And we put it on this list because of the features it has combined with a very attractive price.

This is a stopwatch for professional sports teams, which has a large screen with 3 lines and 30 memory times for turns and splits. Meanwhile you can continuously see the time of the event.

It has 1/100 seconds of precision for up to 10 hours, it also has the functions Pacer and Lap Counter. The Ckeyin stopwatch offers memory recovery after restoration and during operation and can function as a timer thanks to its pre-adjustable countdown.

It can be used as an alarm clock and set the format you want to see the time (24 or 12 hours). It has a very durable CR2032 lithium battery.

If you are still not convinced of any of the previous models and still wondering which chronometer to buy, we invite you to browse through what the Ckeyin brand offers with this model below.


Memory: It has the capacity to carry up to 30 memory times in splits and turns. In addition, you can continue checking the time and other details on the screen while the counters run.

Functions: It has functions of lap counter and Pacer. In addition, its memory can be recovered if the device is damaged or misadjusted. It can also be used as a timer.

Precision: It is designed to offer up to 1/100 seconds of accuracy for up to 10 hours of continuous use.

Drums: It incorporates a lithium battery of high duration which, according to the manufacturer, will last a good amount of months.


Lap time: Some users say that the stopwatch is not able to maintain lap times if other functions are being used at the same time.

What is the best stopwatch for running of 2019?

We know that currently anyone can have a stopwatch or timer on their smartphone through a computer application. However, people who need the exact measurement of time periods on a daily basis, such as Physical Education teachers, certain scientists from different branches, chefs by profession or amateurs and even artists, prefer to have an independent stopwatch or timer that does not depend on the state of the cell phone battery or any other device.

TFA 38.2022.01

Main Advantage:

This model has a really simple and pleasant design, so that you only have the basic elements to be able to measure time, both in its stopwatch and timer function with countdown.

Main Disadvantage:

The model has a magnet to hang on the wall or in the hood, but does not have a cord to carry it around the neck.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Measuring time has never been as easy and simple as the TFA 38.2002.02 timer chronometer offers us. A product with which to be able to have control on two buttons very easy to use and that thanks to its screen will allow us to see the result of our measurements in a simple way.

Main Features Explained

Operating system

The operating system of this stopwatch is really simple. Specifically, the product has three buttons with which to measure the time when we need it. One of the buttons is used to start the account while the second button stops this account so we can see the results on the screen.

The third button serves to reset the operation, as well as being able to stop the product once we reach the established limit. Setting the operating or start times is also simple thanks to these two buttons, so you won’t have to work too hard to get it going.

Product Measurements

One of the advantages of this chronometer model is that both its weight and its measurements are adjusted, so that you can take it anywhere without this being a nuisance. Specifically you have a team with measures of 5.4 centimeters in diameter in the main body and a bottom of approximately 1.65 centimeters, so you can carry it directly in your pocket without any discomfort.

To make this even easier, the timer has a weight of 41 grams, so that transport is not going to be annoying, also helping to place the stopwatch where you need it. As for the measurements of the screen, these allow to have an adequate visibility of the pending time, without having to always be on top to obtain an adequate image of it.

Support system

As we said before, this model does not include a cord or cable with which we can hang the product around the neck, as with other stopwatches or conventional watches. However, this model has the advantage of having a magnetized surface in the rear area, which allows us to place the product on any metal surface. The breadth of this support area even allows you to operate the product while it is in place without any problems of movement or sliding of the equipment.

Therefore, this model is perfect to place on the refrigerator, the kitchen hood, the activity machines of your gym or any other metallic element on which you have to measure time.

How to choose best smartwatch in 2019

Stopwatch type

Since the stopwatches are used in all kinds of tasks in our daily life, the different models adjust to these uses to give us the necessary comfort and take them with us when necessary. Therefore, this will be the first aspect of our guide to buy the best stopwatch, according to your preferences.

One of the most common chronometers is the hand. This stopwatch is what our coach or our gym teacher used to wear. A simple product, easy to use and with a light weight, as well as a rope, which allows the stopwatch to be worn around the neck. A model with functions similar to those of the wristwatch, which we can carry with us on the wrist comfortably placed and, in many cases, even offers similar functions.

Finally, we have to talk about independent chronometers, designed for the kitchen, laboratories or all kinds of uses. In this case we have models that can be placed standing, as we would do with a weather station or an alarm clock.

We can also find other models with magnets, which you can place in the fridge or in any metallic equipment to have the time controlled as you need it. A complete range among which it is easy to find an economic timer but adapted to what you need.

Display and keypad

Both the screen and the keypad are two important elements when handling the stopwatch. Therefore, we are going to dedicate this section precisely to see how these two elements help us to work more comfortably with the stopwatch. Because, after all, the stopwatch is of no use if we cannot really see the results obtained or activate them easily.

On the side of the screen, this is the one that indicates the results of the measurements we make. These screens should be a good size to make it easier for us to see the results of these measurements. Obviously, this aspect varies depending on the type of clock we are using, as we can assume, although in all cases it is convenient that the size of the numbers be large and that the numerical screen occupies most of the available space. And if this screen is illuminated, much better to see the screen when the light escapes.

As for the keypad of the equipment, again it depends on the model that we are evaluating, although again it is necessary to look for certain common elements. Elements such as having large buttons and easy activation, which do not hinder their pressing. These buttons must also be resistant, to prevent the product from being damaged prematurely when using the equipment.

Additional functions

To finalize our advice, it is time to take a look at the additional elements and functions that some timers include. Functions that can be useful to control our training or have more options when using these stopwatches.

Among these functions the most common is the clock, so that we can see the time at any time as in a conventional clock. These models also usually include the alarm function, with which to place a notice on our watch at the time we consider appropriate. Functions that do not imply an increase in how much the timer costs, being also common in all types of models.

However, if you need a more advanced model, you also have them. These advanced models incorporate functions such as the one of counters of turns, with which you can go establishing the time of passage of each one of those turns, to have record of your training or any other task. And in some we can even have countdown systems, which instead of measuring time forward, measure it backwards, for those cases where you may need it.

How to use a Stopwatch?

Measuring the time of a given activity is very useful for controlling performance, speed, endurance, monitoring performance advances or simply measuring the time of a specific action. Although stopwatches seem very simple to use, some important aspects must be taken into account. Below, you will find some recommendations for its use.

Take advantage of your ribbon to hang

If the stopwatch is one of those that have tape to hang it, you can take advantage of this detail in your favor and wear it on the neck. This will facilitate visualization, without losing focus on the activity you do. In the same way, it will be easier for you to hear the beeps, since it will be closer to the ears and without any coating that could hinder the sound of the stopwatch.

Check the user manual

When it comes to a device as functional as a stopwatch, it is necessary that you carefully read the user manual, so that you can know the functions it has, as well as what is the use of each button that makes up its exterior design.

While these devices are primarily designed to measure the time between starting and ending certain actions, you can also incorporate other functions when switching to time, alarm or time zone mode.

Familiarize yourself with its operation

Already knowing the functions of the stopwatch and what mode to select by pressing each button, you can start to familiarize yourself with its operation by practicing at home before using the device in practice for what you have acquired. Make sure you know how to move from one mode to another, without delays and without causing confusion when using it.

How to start / stop the stopwatch

When you have learned the proper handling of the stopwatch, you will be prepared to measure the time between one action and another. To do this, the start and stop time button is arranged, which will surely be identified as ST of Start which means “start, start, start” and STP to indicate that the time elapsed in the stopwatch must be stopped. Press this button once to start and a second time to stop time.

Reset the stopwatch

When you have already taken note of the time of one race, for example, and another is going to be done, it is necessary to set the stopwatch to zero to obtain a correct measurement. To do this, you must press the “Reset” button, which will set all times to zero.

The care you should take with the stopwatch

Being a very small device, the stopwatch can easily pass from one hand to another, which exposes it to suffer some fall and blows typical of the type of activities in which the use of a stopwatch is required. Therefore, it is important that you always wear it around your neck, so you can release it whenever you want, without fearing that it will fall to the ground and hit.

While there are some stopwatches that are water resistant, make sure you don’t exceed the depth they are suitable for. You should also keep them away from elements that may affect their operation such as magnets.

The most popular brands

No matter how equal they may seem to you, the stopwatches are not all the same and differ in several aspects such as size, design, functions and durability. For this reason we have selected the most important characteristics of this type of equipment and we have compared them with the opinions expressed by users on the internet. In addition, as we know that the brand is also important, we have selected the best brands that are in the TFA, Casio, Finis market to make a brief analysis of them.


When we talk about quality in sports teams, we always think of German brands. For many years this country exports good electronic products to measure or improve sports performance. In the case of the TFA brand, it is a good German brand that has been positioning itself as a world leader for several years due to the good quality of its products.

Technische Fabrik fur Armaturen is the name by which in November 1964, Heinz Dostmann founded a company that in principle would be responsible for manufacturing thermometers and electronic measurement products. From there, with more than half a century of experience, the products of this brand have gained worldwide recognition and acceptance.

The products of this brand are characterized by collecting many years of experience and bringing them together in fairly precise devices with ergonomic designs designed for high sports competition, justifying their prices. In the case of chronometers of this brand, these are equally precise devices with modern and ergonomic designs.

At present, this company has a main office in Germany and from there it distributes to the rest of the world, but it also has distributors in other parts of the continent, such as Spain.


Japanese brands in electrical appliances are among the most sought after and recognized worldwide. In the case of the Casio brand, it is one of the brands in that Asian country that has positioned itself best worldwide and has achieved the recognition of users and experts.

Founded in 1946, this company is one of the oldest found in the electronics world of the Asian continent. Since its foundation, the company has been characterized by innovation in the manufacture of its products, always being at the forefront of new technological trends.

Its products are quite sophisticated with unmatched reliability that has earned it worldwide recognition. In the case of the chronometers of this brand, these are usually quite efficient with sophisticated designs and modern finishes.

At present, the headquarters of this company is in Japan, but it has other headquarters from where it manufactures and distributes its products in almost every continent, such as the United States and some countries in Europe.


Another good American company that stands out in the manufacture of sports supplements and electronic sports performance measurement devices is the Finis brand. This company is one of the oldest of its kind, not only within its country of origin, but in the world market in general.

The company has almost half a century of experience in the manufacture of sports supplements, as it was founded in 1988 by the renowned professional swimmer John Mix within the United States. Thanks to his experience in swimming he decided to improve the performance of other athletes with the manufacture of supplements more in line with the needs of professional swimmers. With the passing of the years the brand was innovating in manufacturing until beginning the elaboration of electronic measurement products.

The products manufactured by this brand are well known especially among professional athletes because they are designed to improve their experience and sports performance. In the case of the chronometers of this brand, it is one of the first electronic devices that the brand manufactured and in addition to one of its best products, which has positioned itself not only in the United States, but in the world.

Today, this company has its main office in the United States from where it distributes its products to the rest of the world.