/10 Tips that how to get fit after Summer | Complete workout plan
How to get fit after summer

10 Tips that how to get fit after Summer | Complete workout plan

“Winter is coming,” and the cool afternoon makes you wonder if you want to go home to practice some sofing or if you better do some sport. Assuming that you are one of those who thinks – and practices – that eating and drinking are great ancestral pleasures, it may be time to ask yourself how to get fit after summer & complete workout plan and recover the line you worked so hard before summer.

And, although we enjoy physical activity, when these first cold arrive, it is inevitable to be tempted to hide under a blanket to inaugurate the Netflix season. But, fortunately, those drinks and dinners that we enjoy so much with friends today encourage us to bravely return to the gym after the summer.

10 Tips that how to get fit after summer

We gather a few ideas and tips to give you that last push that will take you away from your precious sofa at least for a few hours! 

  1. Plan your schedules and create a routine

Okay, it may happen that the word “routine” twitches your skin or discourages you, but the truth is that assigning schedules to your exercise plan to get fit will help you resume the habit . Make use of all your means: add reminders on your mobile, stick stickers on the fridge, paint your paper calendar with a marker or look for an accomplice to exercise. Remember, the goal is to beat those 10 autumn minutes of indecision.

  1. Choose varied activities

That you plan a routine does not mean that you have to practice the same sport every day. It could happen that you die of boredom and not of fatigue. This is the terrain where you have to use your imagination and explore the options that are attractive to you. In addition, the more varied the exercises to get fit, your week will be more stimulating.

  1. Discover new activities

It’s not all about running, lifting weights or joining a zumba class. If you are one of the daring, there are many activities that you may not have tried and that, in addition to getting in shape the muscles that you surely did not know existed, could become your new passion. Do you want some ideas? Try the adventure with some of these sports: diving, skateboarding, paddle surfing, skateboarding, climbing or boxing.

  1. Play sports that you enjoy

If you are one of those who exercise, especially to take care of the line, rest assured: you are not alone. But that does not mean that you have to sign up for classes that you hate, but that put you as guardian of the bay. As a third tip on how to get in shape we recommend you find the activity that fits your lifestyle and your interests so that doing sports is not a duty, but a pleasure.

  1. Resort to creativity

Maybe your calendar looks more like a Sudoku than a calendar. In these cases it is essential to appeal to creativity. Don’t have time for a walk in the morning or in the afternoon? Invite your co-worker for a 20-minute walk during mealtime or create a rowing group with your friends for a weekend outing . Leading an active life is also a good way to stay fit.

  1. Change the car for the bicycle

If you take the car to go to work or if you go by public transport, try to park or get off the train about twenty minutes before arriving at your destination and finish your journey by bicycle or on foot. This trick of how to get fit may seem like a small thing but it is one of the most effective . In addition to fulfilling part of your weekly exercise fee, you will start the day with more encouragement and much more awake.

  1. Define goals and rewards

The challenges become sweeter if we promise ourselves a reward. How about a massage session if you meet your goal of exercising 3 days a week? If you get excited, you may give yourself a trip or tickets to a concert. Try it, you have nothing to lose and much to gain!

  1. 21 days to create a habit

Several studies indicate that it takes 3 weeks to create a new habit . That is, 21 days is what you need so that your return to the gym becomes part of your routine again. What if you set weekly goals and turn the challenge into a rewards career?

  1. Exercise at home

Whether you have little time or if you do and undo as you wish, exercising at home is always a great alternative to get in shape at home. Thus, you will forget to dress in the appropriate clothes, to have all the material you need or to suffer bad weather. If you have enough space, you might even think about installing a fitness machine.

  1. Restore order in your diet

While exercising is almost essential to get fit after summer, it is also important that you supplement it with a balanced and nutritious diet. Today there are many applications with videos of easy and delicious recipes with exotic ingredients. Use them so that cooking is not a tedious duty. If you do not have much time, a good idea is to prepare meals once or twice a week and leave frozen portions.