/What to eat before exercising and after exercising good for health
What to eat before exercising and after exercising

What to eat before exercising and after exercising good for health

As important as the activities you do in your training routine is the food you follow. Hence, questions like: what to eat before exercising and what to eat after exercising? If you are looking for answers to these unknowns, you have reached the right place. From Gym Company we tell you everything you need to know about food and sports, including, of course, how long you have to wait to exercise after eating. Do not miss it!

What to eat before exercising

Here is the big dilemma, especially if you do sports early in the morning: I should or should not eat before exercising. Depending on the exercise you are going to do, both options can be useful for you.

What to have breakfast before doing sports

If you want to have a good breakfast , keep in mind that it is better that you take it, at least, an hour and a half before training in order to avoid digestion cuts and make the most of the energy that food gives you. Here, the most recommended foods are those rich in carbohydrates and those of medium or slow assimilation, such as whole grains, whole-grain crackers, muesli, oat flakes … You can also opt for some dairy or soy derivatives and include fruit and juice without sugars. Protein-rich options, such as egg, turkey, or tuna, may also be helpful, as well as an infusion or coffee.

Depending on the type of work to be done, there are some foods that are essential in your breakfast:

  • Workout: proteins are a must ;
  • Cardiovascular or long-term work: do not forget the medium and slow assimilation carbohydrates.

In case you prefer to go out to train as soon as possible, you can also opt for a mini breakfast option . A juice and a toast of whole wheat bread, a yogurt with oatmeal, an apple and a coffee … are alternatives that can be good for you to start the morning and that allow you to dress and go out to train directly.

Of course, in both cases, foods rich in fast-absorbing sugars, such as pastries, are not recommended , as is the use of sugar to sweeten. If you need that sweet touch , you better opt for honey.

Do sports on an empty stomach

Exercising without breakfast can come in handy if you aim to reduce your body fat percentage or lose weight. What you should try is to include in your dinner last night foods rich in carbohydrates of slow and medium assimilation and protein foods, especially if you are going to do a long-term training. Try not to demand a lot on an empty stomach and follow a moderate or gentle rhythm and always carry tangerines, cookies or some juice with you in case you get dizzy or faint.

What to eat before doing sports in the middle of the morning

Mid-morning athletes can have breakfast normally two hours in advance . On the other hand, if your training time is just at noon or at lunchtime, it is best to have a snack in the middle of the morning, such as a juice, a bar or a fruit, and at the end, go to eat.

What to eat before training in the afternoon or at night

If you prefer to do sports in the afternoon, try that your meal at noon is low in fat and allows easy digestion . Again, in case you are going to do a long-lasting activity, it is important that your meal includes foods with slow and medium assimilation carbohydrates, such as fruit, legumes or pasta and when you go to do bodybuilding work, Do not forget the proteins. If you are one of those who train late in the afternoon, snack two hours before. Is your exercise time after 22:00? Then, bet on a dinner snack and take a light snack at the end.

What to eat after exercising

In addition to the activities you do, for the care of your body, not only does it matter what you eat before exercise, but also what to eat after exercising. And it is that the intake of certain foods after training can be the key to get a good recovery and continue performing in the best conditions in the next sessions. Your body needs to recover and its great allies for this purpose are high quality proteins and carbohydrates. What to eat after exercising to get them easily? A refreshing snack.

How good is a snack?

On the one hand, your repairing snack has to contain medium and fast assimilation carbohydrates that allow you to recover as soon as possible, such as fruit, cookies, juices, bread and cereals or, even, certain sweets, such as raisins and the jam. At the same time, it should include foods with high biological quality proteins that stop the destruction of muscle mass, form new muscle fibers and repair damage, such as eggs, yogurt, cheese, cow or soy milk or ham. Always remember that the ideal time to take it is between 15 and 20 minutes after you finish your session.

What good snacks can i take after exercising

Still do not know what to eat after exercising and how to make your ideal repairing snack? Don’t worry, we bring you some examples of repairing snacks with medium or high assimilation carbohydrates and high quality proteins:

  • A chocolate milkshake or soy milk and a banana;
  • Rice pudding;
  • Jello with dried apricots;
  • Cheese and grapes;
  • Custard and cereals;
  • French tortilla sandwich;
  • Pineapple juice and a potato tortilla skewer;
  • Homemade banana smoothie, cookies, honey and milk or yogurt;
  • Raisins and fruit smoothie yogurt;
  • Milk or pineapple juice and bread with cheese and jam.

The amounts you choose for your snack will vary depending on the training you have done and your own characteristics. Although, now you know what to eat after exercising. Of course, if you are going to have lunch or dinner after playing sports, you do not need to resort to a snack, unless it is going to be more than half an hour between exercise and food.