/How much weight can you lose spinning for a month?
How much weight can you lose spinning for a month

How much weight can you lose spinning for a month?

How much weight can you lose spinning for a month? Spinning is much more than a means to get fit. Since it began to be a leading activity in gyms, the number of people who practice it has been growing. And it is not for fashion but for the many advantages of practicing spinning. Find out exactly what spinning is for and decide if it is the type of physical exercise you need to practice.

How much weight can you lose spinning for a month?

Is spinning exactly for burn calories, burn fat and lose weight? Some people wonder how it helps to spin and after the first training sessions they discover that it is good to do spinning for weight loss. The sessions are intense and they burn a large number of calories. How many? It depends on the physical condition of each person and the intensity of the training.

But it is estimated that between 600 and 800 calories per hour of work.

In these intense and long workouts you can get to burn fat. The volume is reduced and the body prepares to continue burning calories thanks to the activation of the metabolism of a body with more muscle and less fat. So if you consider what spinning is for, you should know exactly what to lose weight among other things.

In addition, it helps eliminate cellulite that accumulates especially in these areas. Another important advantage to help you build and model your body.

Strengthen and tone legs and buttocks

The advantages of spinning for the buttocks and legs is evident. It helps to gain muscle and tone both parts of the body. The continued practice of spinning helps shape and strengthen both. And to raise the buttocks providing firmness.

This not only translates into better turned and aesthetically beautiful legs and buttocks. The advantages of spinning to tone these areas of the body makes them stronger and stronger. With better mobility and greater resistance to tiredness and pain when performing daily activities such as walking or standing.

Strengthen your back practicing spinning

Improving the strength of the back is possible by practicing spinning. If you consider what spinning is exactly for in this regard, you should know that it helps to work, tone and strengthen the lumbar, trapezius and dorsal. This is key to a strong back, with less pain. Did you know that it also helps to take care of the posture? This is also key to avoid backaches.

Work the abdominal area is possible

When practicing spinning you can perform different types of exercises. In the sessions guided by monitor in gym this usually introduces variations that allow training different areas of the body beyond the lower train. Some of these exercises are performed by contracting the core and are aimed at improving the abdominal area, to lower the belly and tone the muscles of the area.

Strengthen your arms one of the advantages of spinning

The posture and work of the arms on the handlebars when spinning allows them to work. It helps improve the strength, endurance and power of biceps and triceps . And to solve aesthetic problems such as the so-called bat wings.

Combine aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise

The ability of spinning to tone and burn calories makes this a complete workout. You can work resistance and improve the muscles in the same session. And is that spinning allows you to combine aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time.

If you have little time to train these advantages they make spinning a complete and interesting exercise to improve your body and physical appearance at different levels.

Stress up, another advantage of spinning

If you wonder what spinning helps you may be surprised to discover that it is a great help to improve well-being and mental health. And is that training spinning helps eliminate stress. During exercise the brain releases endorphins. These neurotransmitters increase the feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Spinning is a great help to improve well-being and mental health

Serotonin is also released that provides calm both contribute to stress relief.

Improve the cardiovascular system

Among the muscles that improve their state with the practice of spinning is the most important of our body; the heart. When you ask yourself what exactly spinning is for, maybe you didn’t think it benefited this organ but it does.

How does spinning the heart help? Strengthens it and improves its resistance. It helps keep it healthy. And it contributes to the decrease in blood pressure.

Strengthen the loco-motor system

A loco-motor system in good condition is essential to avoid problems over time. The advantages of spinning to tone and strengthen muscles are evident. But you may not know that it is also key to improving the good condition of the bones.

How? The muscular contraction that is done when practicing spinning favors the deposit of calcium in the bones. In addition, it improves blood circulation that is key to providing more nutrients to the bone system. Thus, a higher bone density is achieved for a strong loco-motor system now and for it to suffer less wear in the future, upon reaching old age.

Improve sociability

The advantages of practicing group spinning not only have to do with making the training sessions more enjoyable and fun or having the personalized address of a monitor. It also helps to improve sociability, to meet other people.

This implies a greater motivation for the practice of the exercise and improves the desire for personal improvement. Both are keys to not abandon the practice of the exercise and take advantage of the specific benefits that report spinning regularly.

As you can see, when you consider what spinning is for, exactly the answer is extensive. Even concreting. These are the main advantages of practicing regularly and regularly this physical activity. Dare to get started practicing spinning and you will see for yourself how you improve in all these aspects.