/How to Avoid the Flu and Cold – Flu Prevention Tips  
How to Avoid the Flu and Cold

How to Avoid the Flu and Cold – Flu Prevention Tips  

How to avoid flu and cold in winter. When the flu virus is already in the family or coworkers, it’s time to be prepared and prevent it from falling into its claws. We tell you how. The flu is a very contagious pathology , which is transmitted by air, so the best option is to maximize hygiene so as not to stick it to the one next to it. Specialists recommend washing your hands frequently or using cleaning gels, coughing and sneezing into a tissue and keeping the house ventilated. When there is no escape, recognizing the symptoms is essential not to confuse it with a common cold and end up even worse for not taking action .

How to Avoid the Flu and Cold

Flu symptoms

The flu is associated with some discomforts that give the key such as:

  • high fever, from 38 and sometimes up to 40,
  • muscle and joint pain,
  • sore throat and head,
  • Sometimes it can happen that nausea is accompanied by vomiting and / or diarrhea.

This general malaise usually lasts between four and seven days , being the first four when the discomfort becomes especially unpleasant. With the passing of the conference, progressive improvement is usually noticed, although the feeling of tiredness can be prolonged beyond that week.

Specialist Recommendations

As it is a flu process, it is convenient to be at home for a few days, but not to make an absolute rest in bed, or to overcoat when the fever causes a cold sensation , because “sweating it”, as they say, will not improve the situation. The alternative to cope with the symptoms are antipathetic agents such as paracetamol, which can be taken every six to eight hours and help lower the fever and improve the feeling of discomfort.

Specialists warn that the use of antibiotics does not serve to cure the flu , nor shorten the duration of the process or bring improvement. This is because it is a typical viral and non-bacterial infection.

In addition to rest and medication, hydration is essential . A liter and a half of water every day, some natural juice or some infusion will help to pass the flu. On the diet, it is advisable to take light things with plenty of water, steamed or grilled vegetables, especially.

When to go to the doctor?

In healthy people who do not suffer complications it is not necessary to visit the doctor, in these cases the specialists point out that the flu has to be cured at home.

You should see a doctor if:

  • the fever persists more than five days in a row ,
  • If you notice other symptoms that no longer correspond to the flu such as choking sensation, chest pain, dry cough becomes purulent expectoration, or if you feel confused .