/Top 11 Causes What You Should Know About Cerebral Stroke?
Causes you should know about cerebral stroke

Top 11 Causes What You Should Know About Cerebral Stroke?

Here are 11 causes what you should know about cerebral stoke; Hypertension. Obesity. Diabetes. Cholesterol. Tobacco. Alcohol. Stress. Drugs.These are some causes of stroke, a disease that hits us when the blood supply necessary for proper neuronal functioning fails.

To avoid suffering it is necessary to know what are the causes of stroke

Knowing the causes of a   cerebral stroke allows us to avoid suffering from this disease. It is necessary to know that the brain is the computer or control room of the human body. It accounts for only 2% of our body weight and yet needs to receive 20% of the blood pumped by the heart and consumes 25% of the energy a person needs.

Therefore, because of its importance, it is an organ that our body takes care of and pamper especially. Thus, for its functioning the neurons require a large amount of oxygen and glucose that are transported through the blood through the blood vessels.

When the blood supply necessary for proper neuronal functioning fails, we are faced with what we popularly call stroke , stroke, thrombosis, embolism, stroke, which causes great confusion regarding the concept and differentiation between its different types.

The term cerebral stroke or cerebrovascular disease refers to any disorder of cerebral circulation, usually of sudden onset . In cerebral ischemia, the arrival of blood to the brain is interrupted and causes cerebral dysfunction, the symptoms of which depend on the area where the dysfunction is suffered. In cerebral hemorrhage a rupture of a cerebral artery or vein occurs and blood leaves the vessels through which it is transported.

Approximately 75% of strokes are ischemic and 25% hemorrhagic, so it is very necessary to know the causes of stroke to avoid it.

11 Causes you should know about cerebral stroke

Hypertension . Obesity. Diabetes. Cholesterol. Tobacco. Alcohol. Stress. Drugs . The risk factors for having a stroke accumulate over the years. However, early risk habits are lowering the average age of those affected .

The risk factors are:

1. Age

This disease is becoming more recurrent after age 55 and, for every decade we meet the risk of suffering it doubles. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2050, with a population over 65, half of the citizens are at risk of suffering this type of accident. However, the incidence of stroke is increasing among young adults due to bad and insane growing habits among this sector.

2. Gender

It is the most frequent cause of mortality among women and the second in men. However, men suffer more frequently with Stroke except between 35 and 44 years of age, which is the most frequent age in women. In Spain, 40,000 people suffer and die from this disease.

3. Use of oral contraceptives

After several studies that have analyzed this issue, it has been shown that oral contraceptives increase the risk of stroke in women but at a low level. Higher doses of estrogen multiplies the risk of having a stroke by 2.5 and, in addition, if it is associated with smoking, the risk is multiplied by 7.2. The use of oral contraceptives should be avoided in the case of women over 35 years of age, smokers, hypertensives, or who suffer migraines with aura, with obesity or with hypercholesterolemia or prothrombotic state.

4. Family history of stroke

As we know that relationship between family history is closely related to the stroke. If the inheritance is paternal, the risk is multiplied by 2.4 and if it is maternal it is reduced to 1.4. However, a study published in Circulation indicates that the probability of suffering a stroke increases up to 60% if you have a brother who has suffered this or another similar disease and, he warns, that if the episode occurs before age 55 brothers will double the chances of suffering one.

5. Smoking

Tobacco is one of the main elements that doubles the risk of suffering a stroke. In fact, it is known that the more cigarettes smoked per day the more influence, where this factor begins to increase significantly is from 20 cigarettes per day. Quitting smoking, even reducing the amount of consumption, reduces the numbers but if this bad habit is eliminated in just 5 years, this risk is equal to that of a non-smoking person.

6. Migraine

People with migraines are more prone to suffer strokes, the risk is multiplied by the risk by 2.2 and if in women the use of oral contraceptives is added, the risk is up to 8.7. In fact there is a type of migraine that influences the influence of stroke more than the rest: migraine with aura. Researchers have pointed out with migraines with aura causing almost 3 times more strokes.

7. Drug addiction

There is a relationship between drug use, especially cocaine and amphetamines, and the risk of having a stroke. People who take cocaine are twice as likely to be affected by a stroke and amphetamine consumers even quintuple this figure. This cause especially affects young adults.

8. Sleep apnea syndrome

People with this syndrome, which affects 5% of adults, multiply the risk of suffering an ischemic stroke by 2.5%. It is very important to diagnose this syndrome and put in a medical treatment that is effective and improves the situation to reduce the percentage. The solution, in ordinary cases, does not go beyond losing weight and improving sleep habits.

9. Physical inactivity

Physical inactivity or sedentary lifestyle and for a long time increases the probability of suffering a stroke by 2.4. The lack of sporting activity affects the health of the heart and blood vessels, various pathologies such as diabetes appear, and all of this ends up forming a cluster of elements and circumstances that can lead to an accident of this type.

10. Obesity

Obesity, especially in women, is another risk factor that multiplies the figures by 1.4. Overweight and obesity is a growing problem in our country, affects more than 22% of Spaniards and is present in 28,000 deaths a year.

11. Diabetes

Diabetes increases the probability of suffering a stroke between 2 and 6 times than the rest of the population with a normal sugar level. Patients with type 1 diabetes are much less likely to be affected by a stroke than those with type 2 diabetes, who generally meet some other factor mentioned above. It is required to exhaustively limit blood pressure and cholesterol levels in these cases.

Prevention of Stroke

Once the causes of stroke are known, it is necessary to know that suffering from two or three risk factors means that the person is more likely to suffer a stroke, so prevention is vital. I recommend a consultation with your neurologist: you can perform diagnostic tests to rule out possible strokes or quite the opposite, to prevent the stroke from becoming provoked . We know with certainty that, for example, a 35-year-old woman who takes contraceptives and also smokes and / or suffers from migraines has a very high risk of having a stroke.