/What precautions should be taken before practice of winter sports skiing?
Precautions before paractice of winter sports skiing

What precautions should be taken before practice of winter sports skiing?

Winter is coming so what precautions should be taken before proper practice for winter sport skiing? As the cold begins and with it the snow comes to our ski resorts. If you are going to dust off the ski or snowboard utensils and enjoy winter sports, pay attention to these tips. 

What is Skiing?

Skiing is a magnificent sport that, however, is not without danger . Using good equipment, being in an adequate physical form, making a good breakfast before going out on the slopes, carrying out a warm-up and, above all, having a lot of common sense while practicing the sport, are key to minimizing the risks.

Benefits of skiing

In the first place, when practiced outdoors and normally in the middle of nature, the air that is breathed is much cleaner , less polluted than what usually enters the lungs in large cities.

Being an aerobic exercise, it favors physical conditions and cardiopulmonary capacity and increases the production of red blood cells , that is, blood cells that distribute oxygen to body tissues. So much so that many athletes perform high-altitude training seasons to progress in their performance.

What precautions should be taken before starting to practice winter sports skiing?

Being a demanding practice, both physically and technically, it is important to have done a previous physical training of an aerobic or cardio respiratory nature. In these sports, if there is no experience and a refined technique, it is supplemented with a physical overexertion that is exhausting and leads to mistakes that cause serious injuries .

If it is the first time you ski, it is convenient to undergo a sports check-up , in which you measure the training for sports practice and thus not take any risk.

Likewise, if a basic illness is suffered, the doctor should be consulted to see if there is any contraindication for sports.

The most frequent injuries

Ligamentous and meniscal knee injuries as a result of falls are quite frequent; also, the rotation that occurs in the knee with the fixed foot by the boot and the ski or the board is the mechanism of production of this type of injuries. Tibia and wrist fractures are also frequent as a result of these falls.

Since the age of four

Skiing can be started from four years onward, with no age limit as long as the health conditions allow it, because, although the physical conditions decrease over the years, they can be supplied with a good technique.

Skin care

If these sports are going to be done, special care must be taken with the skin of the areas exposed to the sun, since snow is a reflective medium, and the effect of solar radiation is amplified. A sunscreen with protection factor 50 on face and lips is essential .

Some recommended foods

For this type of sports it is advisable to always have at hand a small snack that gives us energy quickly if we notice any drop in sugar (chocolate, fruit juice) and always carry a portion of nuts to maintain the energy level during a extended time.